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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The 7 Year Project


Okay, maybe I haven't been actively working on this project for quite 7 years, but it has definitely been a thought on my radar for that long - ever since Hurricane Ike hit Texas.  We had significant damage to our old house from this horrific storm.  As a result, we had to practically gut the inside of our house.  There was one wall in particular that meant a lot to me.

This is the wall I painted with my oldest daughter when we decided to re-do the room she would share with her sister.  It was a joint effort.  The day the contractor came to the house to go over the work that needed to be done, we had a part of the wall saved so that I could later preserve it somehow.  I knew at the time I wanted someting along with her poem but I wasn't sure exactly what.

When Cricut came out with the vinyl, it was then that I knew I what I wanted to do, but it took me a while to get up the courage to actually do it.  I'm glad I waited until I got my Explore to try this.  

I still have a couple of spots that need to be re-done, but overall I'm happy with how it came out!  

Do you have a labor of love projec that you haven't quite worked up the courage to try yet?  Give it a try!  You just might surprise yourself with how well it turns out.  And when you do, leave me a link in the comments so I can have a look-see!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Heart Me Monday (belatedly): Cards


June kicks off summer and what better way than an ice cream themed stamp set?  That is what Close To My Heart's June's Stamp of the Month, Ice Cream Dream, is all about. Take a look at this cute little card I made using the Jackson papers and this stamp set:

Since it is the beginning of June, it was time to make the rest of my birthday cards (although a little belatedly) for the June birthdays. 

 I usually try to get all of my birthday cards for the month made up by the end of the previous month so that they are ready to be mailed at the beginning of the month.  That way if there are any first week birthdays, I'm good to go.  That did not happen this month!  All of the Graduations threw me off a bit!  For the card above I used my Cricut Explore and cut the hexagons out of the card base.  Then I used a bit of cardstock (from the Jackson paper line again) to line those same hexagons.  It makes for a simple, yet masculine card, and goodness knows I need all of the masculine cards I can get my hands on with all the men in my life! LOL!

 This last card was by far the simplest.  I took a card base from a pack I bought on sale at Michael's a while back, topped it with a rectangle of cardstock (also from the Jackson line - see a trend here?), and added a little flag.  That little "Hello Awesome" - that is a strip from the bottom of one of the sheets of cardstock.  Many of the printed cardstock paper from CTMH has something cute at the bottom that you can use for embellishments - isn't that, well, awesome?

So, have you started on your Father's day cards yet?  Um, yeah, me either.  I'm a bit of slacker this month.  What cards have you made?  Remember, if you see anything Close To My Heart related that you'd like to order, just click on my button on the right!

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